Time for a fresh start anyway right?

I started a new tumblr, so all of you go look me up and follow.


go now..

thepacificatlantic: Your Tumblr got hacked.

Maybe I just like posting about fun free things I’ve gotten?

..no I don’t.

hey i can’t understand this girl actually did this but she just uploaded naked pictures of herself so i saved them before she realized how stupid she is and removed them christina.tumblr.com

this webbsiite is screwin up rite this second and sending out iPaads to every one# for freee i got mine delivred this morning! look iPaaadssfast.tumblr.com

this webbsiite is screwin up rite this second and giving out iPaaads to every one# for FREEE i got mine deliverred this morning!!!! hurry look iPaaadssfast.tumblr.com

this websiite is screwing up rite this seccond and sending out iPaadss to every1# for freee i got mine delivred yesterday!!! quick look here iPaadssfast.tumblr.com

Oh I adore the way you carry yourself.

  • Laughing when your coworkers story starts with “my dead mother..” will get your ass threatened.
  • I wonder what my brother will think of me when we meet.
  • I’m ready to move out and have my own place again..
  • Should I keep my job that I’ve had for two years and just bust my ass to work both?
  • I’d like to get a boob-job.
  • I think its well past time for bed.
  • But there’s so many pen pals i need to write back!